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Gluhwein FAQ’s

Here are answers to some questions people have asked and a few others we think you might be wondering about.

I heard gluhwein.com is for sale. Really?

Yup. It’s been a family operated “side business” for years now and, even though we enjoy the idea of it, we never really got our hearts and minds behind it. So, yes, Gluhwein.com is for sale. Call Chris at 832-628-0987 if you’re interested — actually interested. We also have gluhwein.net, .org, and .co as well as mulledwinemix.com.

Are you a real company?

Yup. We started in about 2007 and are now Gluhwein, LLC. You can even call. We don’t exactly sit by the phone waiting for calls because we’re not setup for that but there’s a decent chance we will answer. (832) 628-0987.  Leave a message and we will gladly return your call.

Is there alcohol in your gluhwein syrup?

No. We do not currently sell ANY products with alcohol.

Why gluhwein syrup?

Gluhwein SYRUP is the best for these reasons:

  • Easiest way to make gluhwein (just pour and stir)
  • No Mess (unless you spill it but that goes for everything, such as milk which you shouldn’t cry about spilling)
  • Make 1 serving or 25 (easily)

What kind of wine should I use to make gluhwein?

Red wine is used most commonly to make gluhwein.  Most people use red but white tastes really nice, too, and is fairly common in Switzerland and a few other places. TIP:  Use cheap wines because they usually have more sugar than other wines and make excellent gluhwein. And, cheaper is nice, too, right?

I heard gluhwein goes by other names.  What are they?

Sort of.  There is some version of gluhwein or mulled wine in most (maybe every) country.  Aside from small regional differences, they are mostly very similar.  Examples:

  • Mulled Wine – US and UK
  • Vin Chaud – France
  • Vin Brule – Italy
  • Glogg (pronounced “gloog”) – Sweden
  • Vin Fiert – Romania
  • Forralt Bor – Hungary
  • Gluhwein – German
  • There are others…

What are the main ingredients in your gluhwein syrup?

  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar (HFCS)
  • Cardamon
  • Clove
  • Citric Acid
  • Water
…all perfectly blended in magical amounts and filtered for smoothness.

Is gluhwein mix syrup available for retail in my store/bar/restaurant?

Yes. Please call us at (832) 628-0987 to talk about retail sales.

Are their other uses for your gluhwein mix?

Yes. We thought about leaving it at “yes” but here…

  • Tea
  • Grape Juice
  • White Wine
  • Cider
  • Fruit Juices
  • Sangria (cool summer drink)
  • Pancakes
  • Ice Cream

Do you ship to Canada and Mexico?

We’re interested in talking. Indeed.

Are you affiliated with Gluhwein.NET? I bought from THAT site before.

Yes, we used to be gluhwein.net (and still own it). In fact, you might still see remnants of that site and design elements from time to time as we hunt them down to change out. We were recently able to acquire gluhwein.COM from a very nice man we’ve been talking to for a few years. He made us an offer we couldn’t refuse and we went with it.

Can I use the syrup on pancakes?

Yes. It’s great on pancakes. It’s even kid-tested with an approval rate of 100%. Seriously! One hundred percent approval. Yeah, sure, we only tested it on 1 kid but he really liked it on pancakes. Additional testing planned on a second kid in the very near future as the family grows.